Envirozone employs a dynamic design method, where everyone’s ideas are brought to bear. Lively weekly meetings are the soil in which to germinate all new projects. Each team member brings his talent, experience and vision. Mimicking the diversity and complementary nature of the plant kingdom is both the source of quality and the true strength of Envirozone.


Eric Bond, founder

The Self-Taught Botanist

During his career, Eric Bond became carpenter, stonemason and finally a specialist in hydroponic systems and botany… Every new direction for him is a new challenge in body and soul. Therein lays the secret of the success of this self-taught enthusiast. Green walls, are a fertile ground to express his talent and experience accumulated over the years. Ideas sprouting within him: green walls, mini-garden of household spices, vegetable bio-filter, freestanding plant sculptures … All born from the same commitment and the same desire to make our living spaces healthier.

I like to get into projects that seem impossible. When the idea came to me to make green walls, everyone thought I was crazy. Today I’m solicited to see how I do it. Even my competition ...

Joël H. Kucer, designer

Eco design with green walls

An Industrial designer and 6th generation Metal worker has always been ecologically minded. After studying design at Dawson College in Montreal, he chose the ECOSA Institute to deepen his design knowledge of green building and sustainable development. Attracted by nature and eco friendly manufacturing, he was introduced to the world of permaculture. He has experience from custom jewelry fabrication, miniature gun making to prefabricated residential construction. Back in Canada, Joel Kucer has been working as an industrial designer at Artmetco while creating his own eco-design projects. His meeting with Eric Bond is an opportunity for him to apply his expertise in industrial design with his passion for the environment.

The mass production of disposable products doesn’t interest me. I want to get my hands dirty helping to promote systems that will improve our living.