Envirozone: the creativity of an autodidact, passionate about botanical challenges, combined with the vision of an industrial designer obsessed with the environment.

The story of Envirozone is built around the personality of Eric Bond, a passionate and hard worker who took an interest in green walls long before the caught on. He began his career in architectural woodwork, before turning to upscale furniture. Over the years, he quickly stood out from his peers by combining, attention to detail and a remarkable ability to aquire critical information and adapt to new challenges.


It is with the same perfectionism, the same curiosity and the same tenacity that made this cabinetmaker, self-taught soul to learn about other disciplines that would pave his way to the design of green walls. He thus became a luthier, stone worker, roofer and stained glass artist. From wood to stone, he discovered an interest in the renovation of stone walls, working with faux finish, elements of wood, metal inserts and … plants.

In parallel, he launched Envirozone, which was originally a distribution center of healthy building materials. But the challenge of creating a vertical hydroponic system changed his direction. Reading reports on Plant Sciences, importing materials and testing different techniques … He became a frequent visitor to the Urban Ecology Centre of Montreal. He studied the work of French green wall pioneer Patrick Blanc and even travelled to New York to study his installations. He was inspired on a trip to Mexico to reproduce the principles of the rainforest. Gradually, this cabinetmaker became one of the few Quebec specialists in autonomous vertical horticulture, creating artificial habitats that mimic life by self-regulating and regenerating.


In 2007, after three years of research, Hydro-Felt and the vertical capillary hydroponic system were born. Success was immediate. That same year, the Harvard Graduate School of Design commissioned a green wall for an international exhibition on urban planning. Its clientele of architects and designers, accustomed to the quality of his achievements in cabinet, helped spread the word. The press immediately caught on to this self-taught botanist, becoming a reference to Montreal. Without requiring publicity its order book is overflowing. Residential, commercial and Head offices… The distributor of building materials BMR has commissioned plant walls to dress many of its locations. The biggest engineering firms in Quebec and seek his advice.

The arrival of Joel H. Kucer brought Envirozone into an era of design and manufacturing on a larger scale. From his studies in the United States, the designer is interested in production methods that respect the environment and the principles of permaculture. It was a natural connection, as the two men share a common vision. The future of Envirozone now draws from standardized systems to meet demand growth. The company plans to intensify its product development of air purification systems (plant walls) as well as agriculture and interior horticulture (see mini-greenhouse or mini-kitchen spice garden integrated counter).